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Book Launch

With a smashing presentation in Leiden, Vasco Silva and I launched our book on the 5th April 2024. Creating spaces of confluence. Portuguese guitar music by Filipe Oliveira flowed together with the kora and drums of Moussé Dramé. There were…

Yesss! Our book is out!

And there it is! It's wonderful to finally have our book in my hands: "Cultural Confluence in Organizational Change: a Portuguese venture in Angola" by Vasco Silva and myself, about doing business in Africa. For more information see the tab…

BNR: business in Ghana

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On August 31st, 2023, I was again a co-host and 'world conqueror' on BNR radio. This time it was about doing business in Ghana. Listen back to the broadcast here. While Pieter Schulting, from JS Cocoa explains what his company is doing in Ghana,…

Trademission Ghana

From 19 to 30 April 2023 I was visiting Accra, Ghana. I was a member of a Trademission, together with other Dutch companies and organized by the NABC. The delegation took part in the General Assemblee of the World Trade Centre Association,…

Ghanaian friends and family

It has been marvelous to be back in Ghana and to be able to have face to face contacts with friends, former colleagues, partners in crime and my Ghanaian brother. I was very happy to see everybody is doing fine and wonderful to experience we…

BNR: business in Tanzania

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On March 9, 2023, I was again a co-host and 'world conqueror' on BNR radio. This time it was about doing business in Tanzania. Listen back to the broadcast here. 'Pole pole pole' is a common Tanzanian expression: it means: 'calm, calm', or…

Intercultural change mgt In Ghana

Good and hard work with a very interesting group from a large development agency in Ghana, right on the Volta River.

Modernity and Tradition: Management in Africa

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International managers know it: the best practices and tools of ‘Western’ management cannot be simply transferred to other parts of the world. They need some serious adaptation. Several scholars have written about it, one of them being…

Training given in Accra

'Organisational effectiveness and the role of Culture' in Accra for managers of Kinross Gold and ECOM Trading. It was a good two-day closure of an intensive blended learning program (online and offline) of three months. The image was taken…

Culture and ethnicity in Africa

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This article was originally published on my LinkedIn. Africa has an enormous wealth of thousands different cultures and peoples, spread out over 54 different countries. Now the question rises whether the ethnic groups that have lived in…