Sierra Leone: Intercultural Teambuilding

A full week Intercultural Teambuilding for a development organization…
March 28 2022/by Alette Vonk

University exams

Grading the exams is always quite a job. Luckily for me, the…
December 23 2021/by Alette Vonk

Writing in Portugal

A week of writing in Portugal, focussing on the Angola book.…
October 10 2021/by Alette Vonk

NGO Culture Training

Did a good training with Cultural Insights colleague Divya Susan…
September 22 2021/by Alette Vonk

International students

Information and training for international students on Dutch…
September 2 2021/by Alette Vonk

New Cooperative!

On the 11th of May 2021 we created the Cooperative Cultural…
May 11 2021/by Alette Vonk

See what the Dutch Say

Our book is for sale on Amazon. It concerns a picture book,…
January 1 2021/by Alette Vonk

Book launch!

The online book launch 'See what the Dutch Say', possible to…
December 16 2020/by Alette Vonk

Negotiation in Kenya

My article 'Negotiation in Kenya'. This article has been written…
December 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

Online intercultural proces Ghana

In the second part of 2020 we facilitated an online Intercultural…
November 19 2020/by Alette Vonk

Trust in Kenya

My article 'Building trust and relationship in Kenya'. This…
November 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

Employees in Kenya

My article 'Attract, retain and find employees in Kenya'. This…
October 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

Finding business partners in Kenya

My article 'Finding business partners in Kenya'. This article…
September 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

Lets go online

And then, suddenly, we all have to go online. This is a training…
April 17 2020/by Alette Vonk

Culture and Corona in Africa

Please see my article on LinkedIn.…
April 10 2020/by Alette Vonk

Hofstede Insights Netherlands

The Hofstede Insights consultants from the Netherlands put their…
February 14 2020/by Alette Vonk

A mighty tree has fallen…
February 13 2020/by Alette Vonk

Many good reviews 2019

At the end of 2019: let's look back and see some of the reviews…
December 31 2019/by Alette Vonk

Intercultural Mgt. at Mars Wrigley

Listen to the interesting story of Bas Bredenoord, HR Director…
November 16 2019/by Alette Vonk

HI Conferentie in Luxemburg

Inspiration; exchange; new ideas and new people: always good…
November 15 2019/by Alette Vonk

Product development

In september I had the chance to follow a training of Jana Droessler:…
September 27 2019/by Alette Vonk

Intercultural change mgt In Ghana

Good and hard work with a very interesting group from a large…
September 11 2019/by Alette Vonk

Internations The Hague

How to deal with the Dutch? There were many cultural aha-moments…
September 5 2019/by Alette Vonk

Modernity and Tradition: Management in Africa

Latest article on LinkedIn:

August 15 2019/by Alette Vonk

Mixed group Oumnia

This group is the most diverse of Oumnia Works so far: from…
July 2 2019/by Alette Vonk

Training given in Accra

'Organisational effectiveness and the role of Culture' in Accra…
June 21 2019/by Alette Vonk

VIML Congress

Another year of students completed the Minor International and…
May 15 2019/by Alette Vonk

Inspirational talk for International Women’s day at Cognizant

March 8 2019/by admin

Certification Oumnia Works with the first Father group of the Hague!

March 7 2019/by admin

Doing business in Accra, Ghana

February 17 2019/by admin

Presentatie Directeuren lunch op de Nieuwe Energie in Leiden

February 5 2019/by admin

Innovation and Culture

Innovation and Culture: My blog on LinkedIn.
December 9 2018/by admin

CBF Erkenning

Connect2us is door CBF erkent als een goed doel (Connect2us officially…
November 21 2018/by admin

The Dutch Team

It’s like herding cats! I wrote an article in the X-pat Journal…
October 23 2018/by admin


The Culture factor Hofstede Insights Conference in Milano.

October 5 2018/by admin


Nice visit to Budapest to give an intercultural training.
September 21 2018/by admin

IODA Turkey

Another fantastic IODA conference. Thanks to IODA Turkey, in…
September 16 2018/by admin

The SOBA Committee

Presenting about the Angolan Soba Committee at IODA-Turkey on…
September 14 2018/by admin

Remarkable article of a former slave-selling family

This is a remarkable article of a former slave-selling family in Nigeria and their dealing with the past. You won’t get many chances in life to read this story.
July 15 2018/by admin

Article: “Natália is at a loss”

An article of mine for connect2us in the Xpat Journal: “Natália is at a loss.” Just a few months ago, Natália moved to the Netherlands with her mom, dad and two brothers. She’s an intelligent girl and her Dutch is progressing enormously, due to the fact that she goes to a Dutch school and has been given extra language lessons......
June 26 2018/by admin
Nieuwe energie, 24 mei 2018

Introductie Intercultureel Management

Introductie Intercultureel Management bij de Nieuwe Energie in…
May 24 2018/by admin
Groepsfoto Neem Plaats

Neem plaats!

Goede afsluiting van emancipatietraject voor de vrouwen van Neem…
May 9 2018/by admin
Oumnia trainsters in Gouda

Bijeenkomst met de trainsters van Oumnia Works

Nuttige uitwisseling van ervaringen tijdens bijeenkomst met de…
April 23 2018/by admin
Leading accross cultures

Three Book presentations in one

Three Book presentations in one, by Fernando Lanzer and Jussara…
April 11 2018/by admin
Somalische vaders

De eerste vadergroep van Oumnia works

De eerste vadergroep van Oumnia works! Een mooie serie met leergierige…
April 4 2018/by admin
Oumnia Veenendaal mei 2018

Afsluiting Oumnia training

Afsluiting Oumnia training in Veenendaal. Het was een open en…
March 29 2018/by admin
Teambuilding GIZ Ghana.

Intercultural Teambuilding in Ghana

Intercultural Teambuilding with GIZ in Ghana: Mapping, Bridging…
November 24 2017/by admin
Bart Somers en Gert Jan Hofstede

Discussion on diversity, inclusion and innovation

A refreshingly positive discussion on diversity, inclusion, and innovation between Gert Jan Hofstede and Bart Somers from our #theculturefactor conference last month. Bart Somers explains with infectious enthusiasm how he has managed diversity in his city of Mechelen to make it an inclusive society where everyone feels like they have a place.
October 24 2017/by admin
Open training Accra.

Successful two day open course

Successful two day open course Intercultural Management in Accra,…
October 13 2017/by admin

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

A blog that I published in the Jobnet Africa and on my LinkedIn page: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.
October 6 2017/by admin

itim International 2017

Geslaagde jaarlijkse itim International conferentie @IBM, Amsterdam!…
September 29 2017/by admin
IODA Conference SA

IODA conference

5-9 September: IODA conference (International Organization Development…
September 9 2017/by admin

Interactieve benaderingen langs de culturele meetlat

Artikel gepubliceerd in M&O Tijdschrift voor Management en…
July 3 2017/by admin

Oude en nieuwe kennis in Afrika

en reactie op afscheid van Kees Broere als correspondent van de Volkskrant in Afrika: “Oude en nieuwe kennis in Afrika”.
March 5 2017/by admin
Boekpresentatie Jan Vincent

Boekpresentatie ‘Do we have a deal?’

Mooie boekpresentatie van 'Do we have a deal?' Boek over internationaal…
March 3 2017/by admin

Website Connect2us

Getting ready to launch a website full of stories, to help migrant…
September 30 2016/by admin

Meet the Yousefs

post on LinkedIn about the website of Connect2us: “Meet the Yousefs”.
September 28 2016/by admin

Heineken in Africa: the mirror

“Heineken in Africa: the mirror”. Blog posted on LinkedIn about the book ‘Heineken in Afrika’ by research journalist Olivier van Beemen.
September 14 2016/by admin
OD Practitioner 2016 vol 48 n3

OD Approaches and other cultures

Article published on organizational change in different cultural…
July 4 2016/by admin


Weer een fantastisch benefiet-iftar van de Nederlands-Marokkaanse…
June 25 2016/by admin
Get together met Prof. Geert Hofstede and colleagues from itim International in Leiden.

Itim International

Get together met Prof. Geert Hofstede and colleagues from itim…
February 11 2016/by admin

Do shared human values actually exist?

Happy to introduce good people to each other: Geert Hofstede…
February 11 2016/by admin

Together we are one

The clip of the song of peace "Together we are one", made by…
December 6 2015/by admin