See what the Dutch Say

    Our book is for sale on Amazon. It concerns a picture book,…
    January 1 2021/by Alette Vonk

    Book launch!

    The online book launch 'See what the Dutch Say', possible to…
    December 16 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Negotiation in Kenya

    My article 'Negotiation in Kenya'. This article has been written…
    December 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Online intercultural proces Ghana

    In the second part of 2020 we facilitated an online Intercultural…
    November 19 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Trust and relationship in Kenya

    My article 'Building trust and relationship in Kenya'. This…
    November 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Employees in Kenya

    My article 'Attract, retain and find employees in Kenya'. This…
    October 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Finding business partners in Kenya

    My article 'Finding business partners in Kenya'. This article…
    September 1 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Lets go online

    And then, suddenly, we all have to go online. This is a training…
    April 17 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Culture and Corona in Africa

    Please see my article on LinkedIn.…
    April 10 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Hofstede Insights Netherlands

    The Hofstede Insights consultants from the Netherlands put their…
    February 14 2020/by Alette Vonk

    A mighty tree has fallen…
    February 13 2020/by Alette Vonk

    Many good reviews 2019

    At the end of 2019: let's look back and see some of the reviews…
    December 31 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Intercultural Mgt. at Mars Wrigley

    Listen to the interesting story of Bas Bredenoord, HR Director…
    November 16 2019/by Alette Vonk

    HI Conferentie in Luxemburg

    Inspiration; exchange; new ideas and new people: always good…
    November 15 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Product development

    In september I had the chance to follow a training of Jana Droessler:…
    September 27 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Intercultural change mgt In Ghana

    Good and hard work with a very interesting group from a large…
    September 11 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Internations The Hague

    How to deal with the Dutch? There were many cultural aha-moments…
    September 5 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Modernity and Tradition: Management in Africa

    Latest article on LinkedIn:…
    August 15 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Mixed group Oumnia

    This group is the most diverse of Oumnia Works so far: from…
    July 2 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Training given in Accra

    'Organisational effectiveness and the role of Culture' in Accra…
    June 21 2019/by Alette Vonk

    VIML Congress

    Another year of students completed the Minor International and…
    May 15 2019/by Alette Vonk

    Culture and ethnicity in Africa

    My blog on LinkedIn.
    April 2 2019/by admin

    Inspirational talk for International Women’s day at Cognizant

    March 8 2019/by admin

    Certification Oumnia Works with the first Father group of the Hague!

    March 7 2019/by admin

    Doing business in Accra, Ghana

    February 17 2019/by admin

    Presentatie Directeuren lunch op de Nieuwe Energie in Leiden

    February 5 2019/by admin

    Innovation and Culture

    Innovation and Culture: My blog on LinkedIn.
    December 9 2018/by admin

    CBF Erkenning

    Connect2us is door CBF erkent als een goed doel (Connect2us officially…
    November 21 2018/by admin

    The Dutch Team

    It’s like herding cats! I wrote an article in the X-pat Journal…
    October 23 2018/by admin


    The Culture factor Hofstede Insights Conference in Milano.

    October 5 2018/by admin


    Nice visit to Budapest to give an intercultural training.
    September 21 2018/by admin

    IODA Turkey

    Another fantastic IODA conference. Thanks to IODA Turkey, in…
    September 16 2018/by admin

    The SOBA Committee

    Presenting about the Angolan Soba Committee at IODA-Turkey on…
    September 14 2018/by admin

    Remarkable article of a former slave-selling family

    This is a remarkable article of a former slave-selling family…
    July 15 2018/by admin

    Article: “Natália is at a loss”

    An article of mine for connect2us in the Xpat Journal: “Natália…
    June 26 2018/by admin
    Nieuwe energie, 24 mei 2018

    Introductie Intercultureel Management

    Introductie Intercultureel Management bij de Nieuwe Energie in…
    May 24 2018/by admin
    Groepsfoto Neem Plaats

    Neem plaats!

    Goede afsluiting van emancipatietraject voor de vrouwen van Neem…
    May 9 2018/by admin
    Oumnia trainsters in Gouda

    Bijeenkomst met de trainsters van Oumnia Works

    Nuttige uitwisseling van ervaringen tijdens bijeenkomst met de…
    April 23 2018/by admin
    Leading accross cultures

    Three Book presentations in one

    Three Book presentations in one, by Fernando Lanzer and Jussara…
    April 11 2018/by admin
    Somalische vaders

    De eerste vadergroep van Oumnia works

    De eerste vadergroep van Oumnia works! Een mooie serie met leergierige…
    April 4 2018/by admin
    Oumnia Veenendaal mei 2018

    Afsluiting Oumnia training

    Afsluiting Oumnia training in Veenendaal. Het was een open en…
    March 29 2018/by admin
    Teambuilding GIZ Ghana.

    Intercultural Teambuilding in Ghana

    Intercultural Teambuilding with GIZ in Ghana: Mapping, Bridging…
    November 24 2017/by admin
    Bart Somers en Gert Jan Hofstede

    Discussion on diversity, inclusion and innovation

    A refreshingly positive discussion on diversity, inclusion, and…
    October 24 2017/by admin
    Open training Accra.

    Successful two day open course

    Successful two day open course Intercultural Management in Accra,…
    October 13 2017/by admin

    Culture eats strategy for breakfast

    A blog that I published in the Jobnet Africa and on my LinkedIn…
    October 6 2017/by admin

    itim International 2017

    Geslaagde jaarlijkse itim International conferentie @IBM, Amsterdam!…
    September 29 2017/by admin
    IODA Conference SA

    IODA conference

    5-9 September: IODA conference (International Organization Development…
    September 9 2017/by admin

    Interactieve benaderingen langs de culturele meetlat

    Artikel gepubliceerd in M&O Tijdschrift voor Management en…
    July 3 2017/by admin

    Oude en nieuwe kennis in Afrika

    LinkedIn blog en reactie op afscheid van Kees Broere als correspondent…
    March 5 2017/by admin
    Boekpresentatie Jan Vincent

    Boekpresentatie ‘Do we have a deal?’

    Mooie boekpresentatie van 'Do we have a deal?' Boek over internationaal…
    March 3 2017/by admin

    Website Connect2us

    Getting ready to launch a website full of stories, to help migrant…
    September 30 2016/by admin

    Meet the Yousefs

    Blog post on LinkedIn about the website of Connect2us: “Meet…
    September 28 2016/by admin

    Heineken in Africa: the mirror

    “Heineken in Africa: the mirror”. Blog posted on LinkedIn…
    September 14 2016/by admin
    OD Practitioner 2016 vol 48 n3

    OD Approaches and other cultures

    Article published on organizational change in different cultural…
    July 4 2016/by admin


    Weer een fantastisch benefiet-iftar van de Nederlands-Marokkaanse…
    June 25 2016/by admin
    Get together met Prof. Geert Hofstede and colleagues from itim International in Leiden.

    Itim International

    Get together met Prof. Geert Hofstede and colleagues from itim…
    February 11 2016/by admin

    Do shared human values actually exist?

    Happy to introduce good people to each other: Geert Hofstede…
    February 11 2016/by admin

    Together we are one

    The clip of the song of peace "Together we are one", made by…
    December 6 2015/by admin