About Alette Vonk

    It is amazing that people use fundamentally different forms of logic that influence every aspect of their lives: whether we talk about maintaining relationships, good leadership, the method of educating our children or the best negotiation strategy. We learn these notions from early childhood and consequently they hardly reach our consciousness. It is my ambition to make the basic assumptions and the logic of different cultures visible.

    My curiosity to people who think differently has characterized my life. After growing up in the Netherlands, it has led me from being an exchange student in the US, to an MA in Development Sociology at the University of Leiden; from the immersion into a so-called deprived neighborhood (Duindorp, the Hague), to ten years of living in Africa, working as an organizational advisor in the development industry (Cameroon, Botswana, Benin and Ghana). After returning to the Netherlands I continued from being a social entrepreneur in a large migrant community (Schilderswijk, the Hague) to being a trainer/consultant for various international teams within companies and other organizations.
    In the course of this journey I have learned how to take culture along into strategic thinking and decision making, how to relate and to communicate in various ways and it has made my performance far more effective.

    Content-wise I have been facilitating change processes for over 25 years now, within teams, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and community groups and using tools and techniques from both organizational as well as community development. I hold practitioner certificates in Intercultural Management (ICM); Organizational Culture (OC); Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Organizational Development (OD). From 2013 I’ve been an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights and I’m a Lecturer Intercultural Management at the University of Leiden.

    You can follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter. In case you would like an appointment, please contact me.