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BNR: business in Ghana

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Op 31 augustus 2023 was ik weer co-host en 'wereldveroveraar' op BNR radio. Deze keer ging het over zaken doen in Ghana. Luister de uitzending hier terug. Terwijl Pieter Schulting van JS Cocoa uitlegt wat zijn bedrijf in Ghana doet, kan ik…

Culture and Corona in Africa

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One single enemy The world is under the spell of the corona virus. As Damiaan Denys, a Dutch psychiatrist and philosopher, wrote in a Dutch daily newspaper: instead of humans fighting each other, this time “the world is threatened by one…

Modernity and Tradition: Management in Africa

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MODERNITY AND TRADITION: MANAGEMENT IN AFRICA International managers know it: the best practices and tools of ‘Western’ management cannot be simply transferred to other parts of the world. They need some serious adaptation. Several scholars…

Blended Training Accra

'Organisational effectiveness and the role of Culture' in Accra voor managers van Kinross Gold en ECOM Trading. Het was een goede afsluiting van een intensief blended leerproces (online en offline) van drie maanden. Foto genomen in de trainingslocatie…

Culture and ethnicity in Africa

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This article was originally published on my LinkedIn. Africa has an enormous wealth of thousands different cultures and peoples, spread out over 54 different countries. Now the question rises whether the ethnic groups that have lived in…

The SOBA Committee

Presenting about the Angolan Soba Committee at IODA-Turkey on September 14th 2018.