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Employees in Kenya

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My article 'Attract, retain and find employees in Kenya' has originally been published on the CUBE IN platform of the EU, for SME's in emerging markets. Important! The 5 most important things to know about managing employees in Kenya are the…

Product ontwikkeling

In september een training gevolgd van Jana Droessler: productontwikkeling en marketing. En dat op één van de beste trainingslocaties ooit: Marbella, Zuid Spanje.

Culture and ethnicity in Africa

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This article was originally published on my LinkedIn. Africa has an enormous wealth of thousands different cultures and peoples, spread out over 54 different countries. Now the question rises whether the ethnic groups that have lived in…

Innovation and Culture

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This article was originally published on my LinkedIn page. Every company or organisation needs to innovate to stay relevant, to keep a competitive edge and remain on top of the business. Research shows that creativity and innovation are…