BNR: business in Ghana

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On August 31st, 2023, I was again a co-host and ‘world conqueror’ on BNR radio. This time it was about doing business in Ghana. Listen back to the broadcast here.

While Pieter Schulting, from JS Cocoa explains what his company is doing in Ghana, I am able to explain some of the biggest challenges for people coming from another culture and working in Ghana: indirect communication and especially the fact that people organize themselves differently. While we find that people’s relationships do not neatly follow the organogram in any society, this is even more true in collectivist societies; where strong and loyal bonds exist between large groupings. The challenge is to have these internal structures to work for your company and not against it.

Apart from that, we talk about the contemporary traditional systems which are in place and need to be reckoned with and there’s a quick hint on the difference between doing business in Ghana and in Ivory Coast.

Enjoy listening!