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See what the Dutch Say

Our book is for sale on Amazon. It concerns a picture book, with visualizations of Dutch expressions and cultural explanations in the English language. Lighthearted yet with deep cultural insight. Interesting for expats, migrants, business people and everybody who is dealing with the Dutch. At the same it is a joyful miror for the Dutch […]

Book launch!

The online book launch ‘See what the Dutch Say’, possible to watched back on Youtube. It concerns a photo book with visuals of Dutch expressions, accompanied by cultural explanation. The book is a co-creation of four authors: Jussara N.P. de Souza, Fernando Lanzer, Juanita Wijnands en Alette Vonk.

Online intercultural proces Ghana

In the second part of 2020 we facilitated an online Intercultural proces for a brand new Management Team in Ghana. In 2017, the parent company of Koudijs, the Dutch Royal De Heus, decided to develop a local production facility to meet the growing demand for animal feed products in Ghana. The factory became operational in […]