VIML Congres 2023


The Vereniging International Management Leiden (VIML) is an association of students. All students have registered for the Minor International en Intercultural Management of the University of Leiden, where I lecture. Every year, the VIML organizes the final congress of the minor, with several speakers from various organizations and companies.

During the congress, a few student groups can also present their research. There is a jury to decide which group has done the best presentation. This year we had some very interesting stories: how is IKEA doing in the US and what can the Dutch GZA (Health Care for Asylum Seekers) learn from the way this care is organized in Germany? The best presentation came from the group that had done their research at one of the branches of Post NL. With in-depth interviews they had studied the interaction between management and the shop floor, and interesting cultural differences came to the surface. The jury endowed them with the VIML first Prize 2023!