Cultural Competence Self Assessment Test

Cultural Competence Self Assessment

You’re about to start a self-assessment. It is meant for you to reflect on your cultural awareness and competencies, and that of your team/organization. There are no good or bad answers: answering the questions in an honest manner allows you to see where you stand, what your strengths and your areas to improve are.

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Cultural Compentence Self Assessment
1. There are roughly 7 negotiation styles, depending on culture, in the world. Do you know how to adapt your negotiation style, when you negotiate with people from different backgrounds than your own? *
2. Do the members of your team/organization have a neutral language to explore, address and discuss cultural differences among themselves, thereby leveraging their diversity in a positive sense? *
3. While preparing for a meeting concerning one of your projects, do you consider the fact that a meeting may have different objectives, for people of various backgrounds? *
4. Does it happen to you that you make plans together with others, and then nothing (or something else) happens? *
5. Do you use indirect feedback loops within your team and within the organization as a whole? *
6. In case you’re having subordinates of different backgrounds, have you considered different motivation patterns among your employees? *
7. Do you sometimes feel frustration and wish for a change in mentality of the people you’re working with? *
8. While planning for a new project, are you able to take cultural considerations along in your strategic thinking, in order to improve impact? *
9. Do you have culture sensitive criteria in place in the selection and performance processes, in order to improve talent management? *
10. Do you have a clear view on how to adapt your communication style in various cultural surroundings? *
11. How often have you tried a strategy that might work for others, but is counter-intuitive to you? *
12. Have you experienced meetings which left you wondering what had been going on? *
13. Do you understand the concepts of leadership and organization of the other culture you’re working with to such an extent that you can incorporate them into your own leadership style and organizational processes? *
14. Do you know whether your employees are with you (rather than with them)? *

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