Organisational Effectiveness and the role of Culture
Masterclass in Accra
26-27 September 2019

Kathrin Atta-Agyeman, lawyer and coach, about this course that she took last year.

In an international environment, it is a challenge to have organisations and people to work effectively. Culture has a massive impact on these international work places and it’s not possible to simply transfer management techniques from one context to another, without changing their outcomes.

This Masterclass will help you to improve effectiveness and performance in a cross-cultural work place. A thorough understanding of the 6D model of cultural dimensions, and the skills to apply these dimensions to a great variety of situations, provides for a better performance in international teams, an adaptation of management techniques and a good balance between the standardization of HQ and the localization of the implementation.

Designed for

The Masterclass is designed for managers, professionals and employees working in an international workplace. Since cultural differences work both ways, the training is made for both Ghanaians (or other African country nationals) as well as expats from different continents.


  1. Gain deep insights into the role of culture within organisations, with special attention to the differences among African cultures and between Africa and other continents.
  2. Ability to apply the 6D model to your practice, to adapt strategy and (change) management techniques and to improve internal and external communication.

Your Trainers

The training will be given by Alette Vonk. Coming from the Netherlands, she has lived and worked in the USA and for a period of ten years in West-Africa (Cameroon, Benin and Ghana). She is an OD and intercultural management consultant and an associate partner of Hofstede Insights, with a wide variety of clients, from large multinationals to international organizations and migrant NGO’s in the Netherlands.

Moses T. Cofie will be the co-facilitator. He is a Managing Consultant of Leaders & Mentors and he provides consulting services to businesses and individuals. With 27 years’ work experience mainly with multinationals, Moses is currently a trainer, coach and mentor, and has expertise in leadership development, coaching, corporate training in soft skills, interviewing skills training, building winning teams, strategy formulation and mentoring.


The price is 750 Euro per person. Until the 30th of August the early bird price is 500 Euro per person. There is the possibility to pay in Ghana cedis.

This includes:

  • Facilitation of two days program
  • Course binder with hand-outs
  • 6-D Pocket guide
  • Lunch and coffee breaks.

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