Joyous book launch

Vasco Silva and Alette Vonk invite you to a joyous Book Launch on the 5th of April!

The Book

This book presents an inspirational case study of Vasco Silva, a Portuguese businessman who established a business in Luanda, Angola. After four years of growth, Silva encounters a culture shock due to a wild strike by the employees. He embarks on a deep cultural exploration and gradually, gains an understanding of effective leadership in the Angolan context. He initiates an organizational change project and together with the employees they transform the company to serve all. Consequently, Alette Vonk has collaborated with Silva, interviewed managers and employees and she has put the whole case in its historic as well as scientific context.

For entrepreneurs

This story shows what it takes to be successful in an African business environment.

“An invaluable guide for international leaders, providing insights into crafting novel management approaches based on a fusion of values.” (Manuel Quinaz, CEO at upK, SA).

For researchers

Scientifically, the work contributes to the discourse in African management philosophy and responds to the demand for descriptive accounts of hybrid case studies of confluencing cultures. Scholars can utilize this case study to explore indigenous African notions, demonstrating the performative characteristics of local leadership forms within business environments, and the flexibility for adaptation from both Angolan and Portuguese perspectives.

“An inspiring study on community building, shared values and transformative cultures in an African society.” (Dr. Michael Onyebuchi Eze, Lecturer African Philosophy, Leiden University).

The launch

The launch will be a festive get-together with presentation, happening, music and drinks.

Come and be inspired!

  • Friday 5th of April
  • Doors open: 14.30 h. Start of program: 15.00. Drinks from 17.00 - 19.00 h.

It’s not necessary but practical, in case you want to let us know if you’re coming at

Vasco Freitas Silva and Alette Vonk.