Modernity and Tradition: Management in Africa

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MODERNITY AND TRADITION: MANAGEMENT IN AFRICA International managers know it: the best practices and tools of ‘Western’ management cannot be simply transferred to other parts of the world. They need some serious adaptation. Several scholars…

Culture and ethnicity in Africa

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This article was originally published on my LinkedIn. Africa has an enormous wealth of thousands different cultures and peoples, spread out over 54 different countries. Now the question rises whether the ethnic groups that have lived in…

Innovation and Culture

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This article was originally published on my LinkedIn page. Every company or organisation needs to innovate to stay relevant, to keep a competitive edge and remain on top of the business. Research shows that creativity and innovation are…

The Dutch Team

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It’s like herding cats! I wrote an article in the X-pat Journal about the Dutch habit of ‘emerging insight’, which can drive people from other countries to despair. The article can also be found on my LinkedIn page.

Article: “Natália is at a loss”

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This is an article of Alette Vonk for connect2us in the Xpat Journal: “Natália is at a loss.” Just a few months ago, Natália moved to the Netherlands with her mom, dad and two brothers. She’s an intelligent girl and her Dutch is progressing…

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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A blog that I published in the Jobnet Africa and on my LinkedIn page: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

Interactieve benaderingen langs de culturele meetlat

Artikel gepubliceerd in M&O Tijdschrift voor Management en Organisatie (M&O, jrg. 71, nr. 1, 2017) ‘Interactieve benaderingen langs de culturele meetlat.’ Aangepaste Nederlandse versie van “excellente” artikel in OD Practitioner…

Oude en nieuwe kennis in Afrika

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LinkedIn blog en reactie op afscheid van Kees Broere als correspondent van de Volkskrant in Afrika: “Oude en nieuwe kennis in Afrika”.

Meet the Yousefs

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Blog post on LinkedIn about the website of Connect2us: “Meet the Yousefs”.

Heineken in Africa: the mirror

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“Heineken in Africa: the mirror”. Blog posted on LinkedIn about the book ‘Heineken in Afrika’ by research journalist Olivier van Beemen.