Inspiring day

Alette has a wonderful warm energy, and a great capacity to read the room. Our training was truly a very thought provoking and inspiring day. I am sure we will be working with her more in the future, and I can’t wait to do so. We thank her again for being warm and inspiring, and I have a deep respect for her facilitating a safe space for people to have a difficult conversation.

Monique van Zijl, Unit Manager, Oxfam Novib

Highly recommended

“As an executive coach and management and leadership trainer, I found the content of the HI courses extremely interesting and it has proven very useful in my work. (…) Alette Vonk herself is a very good trainer. She is clear in her communication, has an excellent understanding of how to tailor her training style to different learning styles, has a good sense of humour and, of course, knows her subject in depth. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a trainer of cross-cultural management content.”

Clare Brigstocke, Executive coach, lateralshift

An eye-opener

“I’ve worked with Ms. Vonk on international projects and have also followed one of her intercultural business courses. I’ve lived and worked abroad in Africa, Asia and South America for more than 15 years and still this course has been an eye-opener for me because both good and bad experiences suddenly fell into place and turned out to be explainable from a cultural point of view.”

Willem Roodenburg, Alliance Plus

Professional, Flexible, Fun to work with

“Working with Alette on an exciting subject as cultural diversity was a real pleasure. (…). She was able to deliver a tailor made training on a short term notice that provided us with several interesting cases, eye-openers and tooling for embedding this knowledge in our day-to-day roles. Professional, Flexible, Fun to work with.”

Anke Aidam, Vlisco Group

Unique perspective-approach

Hofstede Insights bring a unique perspective-approach to their trainings that are rare. Combining empirical facts, case studies with theories in flexible coaching sessions the undercurrent realities of work-place conflict, cross-cultural misunderstand and tensions are creatively unveiled and addressed in a manner that leave participants going back to their jobs with healed hearts; cleared misconceptions; abandoned egos – and above all, the need to mutually respect imbedded hard core cultural values that make or break corporate peace and harmony.

Isaac Agyapong, PSED, GIZ Ghana


I highly appreciated the emphasis on recognition and respect for other dominant cultural attributes as well as finding ways to co-relate with other cultures with view to minimise misunderstanding and/or negative consequences. This sort of “neutral” approach is in my opinion more balanced and accommodative to the majority of the cultures. I may have missed to participate in my native country’s liberation day celebrations, but I received “liberation” from a different corner.

Norbert Abachi, business controller Oxfam Novib

Expert in her field

You immediately feel that she’s somebody with a lot of energy, perseverance and is an expert in her field. Combine this with her skills of a very good listener and open mind and you get a great person to collaborate with.

Cyriel Kortleven, the Change Mindset

Extremely interesting and enjoyable

“Alette is passionate and knowledgeable. Having lived and worked in Africa for years herself makes her a credible trainer. The combination of Hofstede’s scientific theory and Alette’s practical experience and humor, makes her classes extremely interesting and enjoyable to follow.”

Inez Willeboordse, Jobnet Africa